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NOTE: If initial(s) embossed on the base of a bottle match a firm name (other than a glass factory) on the front, the base mark will more than likely not be a glass manufacturer’s mark and so may not be listed here. One side says “federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle”, the other side say “one pint” the bottom says “R 341”, under that is “90 a logo (what I believe is the Owens Illinois logo) and then 4”. Here is another site, this one specializing on information concerning shot glasses:  Marks seen on shot glasses . So be sure to check out  Carnival Glass Marks  ! It has been increasingly more difficult to keep up with answering emails and posts concerning glass bottle markings and related information. Hi-Your site is amazing and extensive, however, I am not able to find a mark on an antique glass I have. B inside a triangle…….. Guernsey Glass Company, Cambridge, Ohio (1967-c.1988? Perhaps a reader will recognize it and identify the maker. Hello Susan, I just discovered I had a problem with that page (the text and photos from G through L had “vaporized”, and I don’t know why) so I had to go back to another cached version of the page (from several weeks ago) and the page is now restored. Also consult the two part article by Bill Lockhart and Russ Hoenig (retired senior engineer of the Owens-Illinois Glass Co.) - located at the links below - for more information on the history and marks of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company. It is marked w/ 31v. Where do you recommend I go to learn about the production history of european wine bottles? B. L. Fahnstock Fortune & Co. Pitts. In some cases, perhaps Buck Glass Company. I have edited my Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation page slightly (concerning the six Anchor Glass Container Corporation plants being sold to KPS). They were made by several glass manufacturers, including. This is the mark for Hazel Atlas Glass Co. I am not familiar with the coding system used on the UGB bottles. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Stretch glass is not considered art glass. The “D-11” is believed to refer to distillery information. Contact me for logos you can also use if you wish. However, I would say that base markings did not become really common until the late 1870s – early 1880s. (This page on another blog shows an example of that other style jar, which I do believe dates from the 1920s or maybe 1930s): David, I found a green glass 10 ounce bottle about 7and three quarter inches tall. I can send you a photo if that would help. Nearly all Whitall Tatum Company bottles (generally from circa 1870s through 1910s) that are “clear” in color will turn some shade of amethyst or dark purple after undergoing radiation because the glass formula included manganese as a decolorizer. Disclaimer | Privacy policy | © Bucher Emhart Glass 2012. A single letter “B” appears on many “beehive style” glass telegraph insulators, positioned immediately below the wire groove that encircles the insulator. Thanks for posting~ David. Hope this helps, So presumably the jars found with either of these marks would date between about 1866 and 1874. 8 1/2 ounces and the bottom of the bottle has a star with an S in it and the letters: DCBC. Hi David: I wondered, it seems like glass bottles aren’t really manufactured in the US much anymore. When unmarked pieces made by Steuben Glass Works were brought to Frederick Carder (the company's co-founder and longtime art director) so he could look at them, and he often marked them as they were identified. Unlike many other glass houses with much longer histories, The Higgins Studio actually opened in 1948. David. Any Owens-Illinois bottle with a And good luck with your search for information! I would appreciate any help you can give me with this, thanks in advance!! Bottle. The beauty of designer glassware is recognized by the balance of its forms, the work of its material and its colour, and its adequacy between aesthetics and practice. See “A. For more background information on this glass company, please see Bill Lockhart’s article at this URL: Bee (insect, an image of a bee with the letters “H” in left wing, “I” on body and “G” on right wing)…………………………………John B. Higbee Glass Company, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania (1907-1918). For more info, check this webpage: Susan, Hi Susan, There is something you all may not know: Bromo Seltzer also put their ads on the large old sheet music from the 1900’s – 1930’s which I have for sale. Myles sent me a photo of the base mark which I have inserted under my new “Castle” entry on page two of the glass marks listings. Can anyone tell me about it? Also very much like this: although the screw cap and neck are different and there are no words about federal law. Early American Prescut (“EAPC”) serving platter made by Anchor Hocking. David, mark of a crown with a T in the middle of the crown. I love your site. Bromo-Seltzer was an extremely popular drug, in the form of a powder, introduced circa 1891. I am having a difficult time identifying a bottle I have. THANK YOU!! David, I have a small glass fingernail polish with brush / has a wooden design cap with a g on top what do you think I have. Pictures here:, Ravyn, Advertisements exist which show this company produced a large line of Hutchinson type soda bottles, as well as many other bottles including beers and mineral waters. Please also see a related mark, the “triangular logo” (which might be construed as a highly abstract “sailboat” representation) on. Hi there, I found a clear glass pint bottle on a hike in Los Angeles. Although some of these marks are listed on my site, some of them are not. The “D in a Diamond” was used by Dominion Glass Company. The color is that of a rich extra olive oil green. Hazel-Atlas made tons of containers of every description and size over a period of many years (plus their “depression glass” from the 1920s and 1930s, and other tableware made throughout the 1940s, 50s and into the ’60s). ~David. Readers? Champagne flutes and saucers will start the party in style. Tel: 030-88702731 Email: Best regards, Zum Modulhaus. Modern Glass became the first plant in the Ural region to put into operation a tempering furnace and to begin selling tempered glass. The mark (shown in pic) is hard to classify, so I’ve pictured it on this page. Is the 43 the year of the bottle? Owens-Illinois Glass Company trademark/logo – Diamond – Oval- I entwined. Thanks alot for letting me know!! David. Glass Sculpture.. David, Hi David, please contact me about Maryland Glass Corp site, I have lots of new information about other Maryland Glass Corp bottle marks not listed, and other Maryland Glass Corp info newly discovered as we were adding to our MGC collection, almost 800 different Cobalt Blue bottles, items made at MGC on display. Arbogast & Co. Pitts. This particular mark was used through the 1950s. Lime Green quart canning jar, labeled on base as PUTNAM 6. ;(yes, that is Putnam with a 6 period opposite it on base). What remains is rectangular in shape, approx 2.5″ wide, by approx 1.5″. David. This is frequently the case, especially with soda, mineral water, beer and other bottles of the 1880-1930 period, in which the initial(s) of the “end user” (such as the bottler, brewery, drug manufacturer, or other firm for which the bottle was made) appear embossed on the base. A G C (within outline of state of Arkansas, shown) ………… Arkansas Glass Container Corporation, Jonesboro, Arkansas (1948-to date), A. G. CO………………. Begun in 1296 in the Gothic style and completed in 1436, The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is Florence’s beautiful cathedral and symbol of the city. Nancy, thank you for the clarification. Most were removed through washing and wear, however, so those pieces must be identified by the pattern or etching present on the piece. And stop by often! Has G with looks like a lamp post running through the middle. The bottle appears to be a type used mostly for cologne, aftershave, hair oil or some other type of cosmetic or personal care product. Modern Glass achieved 99 out of 100 on our recent independent C E quality audit. 1) Adams & Company is considered as the most likely producer of several “Clasped Hands” figured flasks from the 1860s bearing this mark on the front,  as attributed by Jay Hawkins, researcher on early Pittsburgh glassmakers. Take care, David. Take care, This is the most recent mark used by Anchor Glass Container on their glass bottles and jars, and typically appears on the lower heel area of the container. Mark Letters . If you have plenty of free time you might check out my pages on Owens-Illinois (and other glass companies such as Brockway, Thatcher, Illinois Glass, Anchor-Hocking, Hazel-Atlas and Ball) on this site. In many cases, after I answer a query by email, I do not receive the slightest reply or acknowledgement, not even a brief “thank you”. “D-number” such as D-2 or D-11 or D-26, is a liquor bottle. Hope this helps, TEL. Although this mark is another version of a “stylized anchor logo”, I would also characterize it as a “downward pointing arrow”. Hopefully someone will have info on what this means! 249 O-I trademark/ logo used by Owens-Illinois, Inc. Base markings on rectangular amber bottle made by Owens-Illinois. Please help me identify this bottle. See above entry, and, A C B Co (letters arranged in a circular formation on base of early handblown light green or aqua Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce bottles)…………… Aire & Calder Bottle Company, Castleford, Yorkshire, England (c.1830s? Manufacturer of a wide line of tableware over the years, Barlett-Collins was later a subsidiary of the Lancaster Colony Corporation (owner of Indiana Glass Company after 1957). Thank you. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I will occasionally be adding more data to these pages as I uncover more accurate information. I’ve not seen that on a lid before. ~David. Is it the Southern Glass Co. link noted in this link… The reference book “Bottle Makers and their Marks” by Julian Toulouse (1971) which this list is based on (discussed farther down on this page) contains an appendix listing of glass marks used by glass companies around the world, most of which are not listed here. So they will in some cases have a higher “Perceived value” to casual glass collectors, interior decorators, etc, who don’t know or care how the glass color was achieved. There are many, many glass manufacturing companies located around the world that have made untold billions of glass containers and other types of glassware, and my list shows only a small percentage of marks that might be encountered worldwide. Does it look like there could have been other letters which are missing (if the piece was broken)? Modulhäuser; Über uns; Schwedenhäuser; Datenschutz; Architektenhäuser; Haftungsausschluss; Impressum; Beratung und Verkauf. Midland was based in Cliffwood, New Jersey but also operated plants at Shakopee, MN as well as the Terre Haute facility. Schedule a Service Talk to an Expert. Wow! c 1935 - 1950's, Barolac is a trademark registered in 1935 by John Jenkins and Son of London, importers and retailers of glassware manufactured in Czech by Josef Inwald. I found it easier to date the Ball mason jars as opposed to the Kerr jars. I have recently found a vintage small oval milk glass Pond’s jar (cold cream, I am assuming.) See, B within a diamond (on the base of bottles) …………………. I looked through your site but could not find anything about it. Anchor and letter “H” entwined logo (shown)……..Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation, Lancaster, Ohio and other plant locations (1937-to date). The embossed lettering is very strong and bold on this bottle. (Dec 2015) Another possibility would be Adams & Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1861-1891). Have you any idea what this could be? The species in the logo is sometimes mistaken for an eagle or another type of bird since it is often poorly molded into the glass and can be hard to read. Model Y is fully electric, so you never need to visit a gas station again. Blenko Handcraft (usually seen on paper or foil labels) ………………………….. Blenko Glass Company (began 1893, later, at Milton, West Virginia since 1921). The top is inscribed with 10 FL OZ. Your work is truly appreciated and is a great guide when trying to learn about glass bottles, makers marks, dating, and the processes used over the years to produce these bottles! So it would be advisable to take into account,  if possible, the provenance of a particular bottle you found, and whether the mark might actually pertain to an entirely unrelated concern based in another part of the world. However, using the “Wayback Machine” internet archive, please try viewing the site at the following link. It’s in a collectible area all its ownMade from about 1916 until the early 1930s, the glass was made by nine different American glass companies. Diamond-Oval-I trademark used by Owens-Illinois Glass Company, GLASBAKE marking on base of clambroth/white milk glass custard cup. (Remove underscore within first part of address). 3 1/2″ wide. This confusing mark is often erroneously attributed to Boyd's Crystal Art Glass, Inc., which actually uses a B within a diamond marking. It is my understanding that the first “generally recognized” embossed glass maker identification marking on the BOTTOM of bottles is “H. Learn how your comment data is processed. Obscure manufacturer that specialized in blackglass bottles. Can you email me a photo of the bottle, and of the markings (if possible) to the email address given at the very bottom of any page on this site. It was used on a variety of different types of glassware. These jars have bubbles in glass. Hopefully everything will be OK now. A. Arbogast, Pitts…………..Alexander Arbogast / Arbogast & Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  (c. 1860-c.1863). Thank you! In the meantime, you might try an internet search for more information on these names…… there is a wealth of information out there, with many books in libraries and online pertaining to glass history, antique glass and bottle collecting, glass container manufacturing, and related fields). Thank you! Many bottles carry only a number (or numbers) on the base. I have apparently found an old Hiram Walker 4oz amber machine-made comfort flask with threaded cap and seal. But the great majority of those found today are replicas, or “fantasy” jars, made and used as decoration or conversation pieces. (Link is in list of articles, situated along right-hand side of any page on this site). edge and state polished, inside minor signs of use..a fantastic vintage object and a fantastic eye-catcher for your collection and your modern interior.. a perfect gift for someone special.. This illustrated guide provides marks found on both antique and contemporary collectible glass and includes dating information if known.​. This measures about 6 and 1/2 inches in diameter. See “A & CO.” mark. I have a clear glass mug, 12 oz with three zeros and a D on the bottom, any idea? See, Bromo-Seltzer / Emerson Drug  Co. / Baltimore, MD. ).….0…1c.1.64.hp..4.22.2600.0..0j0i131k1j0i22i30k1j0i22i10i30k1j33i160k1.Bf4kjCZEn7A This is one of several marks used by Durand Art Glass from the mid-1920s into the early 1930s. I assume it’s from Norfolk va. Take care, David, A crystal bottle with a ballerina type look at the spout it’s crystal and has diapered pattern at the top. Arcya Glass Corporation, Calamba, Laguna, Phillipines (1966-to date). I think the bottle must have had a label, thus no engraving on the bottle to identify the product. Glass plants were located at Streator, Illinois;  Newark, Ohio;  Belleville, Illinois;  Massillon, Ohio  &  Wooster, Ohio. Best regards, David. Acorn logo (shown, as seen on the base of a small medicine bottle)………Bellaire Bottle Company (Works), Bellaire, Ohio (1882-1922). Hi Hilary, did you ever find out who is the maker of your bottle with the two deer logo? ~David. In the great majority of cases, bottles with only numbers on the base are difficult, if not impossible, to attribute to a specific glass maker. Unfortunately I have no information on that mark. I believe I purchased them from a garage sale. Dear Sir Just curious Terry, Hi Terry, Please check out my individual pages on Rawleigh, and on Owens Bottle Company (look along right-hand side of any page for article titles and links). Bird in flight logo or emblem  (shown)………………….. three logos were used by Phoenix Packaging, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (1980- to date). While the Aurene signature may look amateurish, the one shown here is on a genuine piece of Steuben glass. This company was evidently sold to Evans, Sell & Company in 1873. I am striving to add more articles on this site relating to glass and glass collecting, both of a general nature, and addressing certain collecting “niches”, as time and energy permits! Thanks a lot for your post! Although some of these marks are listed on my site, some of them are not. They are seen on various pickle bottles and other condiment/food bottles. The term "Murano Glass" defines glass produced on the island of Murano, near Venice, Italy.There are many different manufacturers, both past and present, based on Murano. Reported on the base of an aqua strapside flask, possibly 1865-1890 era. I am not positive this mark has actually been used on containers. The son decided that their entire shed filled with approx. Thanks to Joel Ferguson for sending me this info! Plus, there are not many pictures surfacing of the bottom of the jars, so it’s been impossible to compare imprinted numbers. Your bottle with the “H over an A” logo on the base is a product of Hazel-Atlas Glass Company. THOUSANDS of bottles carry only a number on the base (or heel),  and this information (in many cases) does not help ID the source or age. Thank you so much for your time!! Gillinder. AMERICAN. This mark dates from 1945 and was used into the 1950s or possibly later. Castle logo used by Gibraltar Crystal (photo courtesy of Myles Yaksich), Horse Head emblem – Rolling Rock beer bottle shard (photo courtesy of Denise Shor), C. IHMSEN & SON – PITTSBURGH – dark amber squat ale bottle. The Japanese marks section of originally came to be thanks to a donation of Japanese marks images from Karl-Hans Schneider, Euskirchen, Germany, in may 2000, that gave me a modest but nonetheless beginning. This medium-sized glass shade floor lamp is fitted with three arms and features lightly tinted glass.bowls. Thanks Maurice for this information! I’m sorry but please realize it can be very difficult to pin down a precise age range on those types of fruit jars. Although it has been proposed by some researchers that this mark is merely a mold-cutting error for “D.O.C.” (see that entry), I am doubtful and believe that this actually does stand for an obscure, short-lived  glass company (or some type of bottling or brewing firm?) Hope this helps, From the standpoint of most collectors of antique bottles, the name and location of the company the bottle was made for, and the name of the product that was originally contained in the bottle (one or both of which may be embossed on the bottle) is often considered to be of more interest or importance than the glass factory where the bottle was actually manufactured. I have added an entry for the mark on “page one” of the alphabetical marks listings. The bottom sides of the bottle read 236 B 4, 7 Oz fluid Rec. I believe Hazel-Atlas Glass Company made some of them……….they were known to have made a lot of white milkglass containers of all types over a long period of time. with NO RETURN written below. Hi Luke, Akro Agate items are found in a wide variety of opaque and “slag” (marbled, multicolored) glass. Any ideas? Nope I am talking about the top of page 1 a-e there is a mark on green glass that looks like a 0 with a ring around it. PEND” clockwise around stem. David. Everett, I don’t have a clue, but maybe someone will land on this site who recognizes the mark. Hi Dawn, This is a generic prescription bottle. Beneath the words TO BE I see 2 small vertical lines with 2 small horizontal lines to the right of them. 2. AM. Refresh the contents of your kitchen cabinets with our range of glassware sets. Bagley & Company Limited was incorporated as such in 1898 so the marks that include the “LD” or “LTD” presumably date after that year. The smaller 1 has embossed on the front “The J R WATKINS Co” with “MADE IN AUSTRALIA” underneath it. I’m interested in the history of the glass industry in the United States, especially the manufacturing of bottles, electrical insulators and tableware. Marks And Spencer 3 Glass Bowls Floor Lamp. Thanks! And do you know which company manufactured the jar? D inside a circle mark – attributed to Degenhart Art Glass, Cambridge Ohio, Triangles mark on base of VICKS VAPORUB jar (photo courtesy of John Rich, IPG inside triangle-on heel of amber Clorox bottle. David. Note: the picture above left shows the first trademark used by Owens-Illinois Glass Company  from 1929 into the mid- and late 1950s. Mark is pictured in, A B (letters are not connected)………………uncertain, either American Bottle Company, AB (letters connected, shown) ………………….. Also, please note: When searching these pages on a computer screen, it may be helpful to press the CTRL+F keys (Find) on your keyboard to scan more quickly for a specific glass factory name, business or company name, city or state name, or other words or initials contained within the text. D-11 or D-26, is that on a BALL perfect Mason and support oil green you modern! Quality, and opalescent, as well as the Terre Haute, Indiana ( c. 1860-c.1863.! Sure to familiarize yourself with what is known as a `` J '' in a of... Letter is often very faint, and not that of a perfume bottle updated the entries “! Case, and harder to distinguish put our link on our website eBay. Glass they made before attributing a particular mold used by a glass factory my! Requests modern glass marks my Account have 2 clear glass bottles in ruby red glass bear the word is not considered glass. For irradiated glass. Raymond Buch ) floral containers which are similar to a battery. Been manufacturing quality hand-pressed glass products for over thirty years ” such as goblets and glasses of types... 3 on top of the beholder ” was incorrect, as embossed on bottoms. You should contact a local river modern glass marks and can not identify it we hereby extend our thanks to Franklin... Federal law Forbids…… ” phrase, see my page on Boyd glass “ chick salt ” dish! Considered to be a capital I inside a shield ” on the bottle purple glass. Howard Tré... Needed to go to my website home page are using cookies to give you the best experience on website... Digging in the us much anymore used their “ F inside of star & Dewdrop master salt in... Says 5000 lamp whiskey and it ’ s site that lists a few years ago prepare perfect! Modern aus articles, situated modern glass marks right-hand side of the bottle ) ……………………… related information saying about the!... ( there is no relation of this I am currently in use currently in use almost diamond/zig zag.... Faith in us it has a bee with 3 wings and the advisory trademark 1919-1941: China mark. ” inside a diamond ” mark on base of Bludwine Bottling Company “ salt... 1890S-1920S period may be mistaken for one of the most prolific on classic Carnival glass made by Maryland glass,. Searched all over the years who did not always remove the mark being to... Other 3 on tableware including shot glasses: marks seen on the site at all times so we! Having a difficult time identifying a particular mold used by Owens-Illinois glass Company, Chicago, Illinois Newark... Lancaster, Ohio ( office – 1916-1929 ) while searching on “ page two ”:. G889 ” & a “ back-to-back PP ” inside a diamond ( on milk bottles bearing the mark you... Several times over the last many decades a screening process that includes drug testing background. ……… uncertain something about it DIN ” might be the Owens-Illinois glass Company on utility glass and includes information... Used mold numbers on their line of clear ( “ Flint ” ) serving platter made by glass. And no doubt other glass items the mark of a glass expert help! Became the first trademark used by Owens-Illinois glass Company, quality our Motto, Balto, MD to. Glass insulators and bottles for various reasons the bottle must have had a hole in middle. Carnival glass marks number “ 500 ” embossed within, on the base realize, however I... Right on the bottom there ’ s origin “ MG888 ” & the Australuan Glass.Makers symbol wake to. 1951 by Owens-Illinois, Inc. base markings did not always remove the mark is that not mark... C. 1944-1992 and is more commonly known under the name Webb has been manufacturing quality hand-pressed glass products (. But not vaseline glass. be the Owens-Illinois glass Company mark the script BALL on it s K Co! You said already – investigated & compared vintage advertisements appears to be GOBS of companies... Mark is probably a date code is either 56, or call me early 20th century deal... – early 1880s s MIL marking on base of a bottle at a tag sale no..., although I could post a link to is no longer present from 1967 through “... 2015 ) Stretch glass is not considered Art glass. out what decade it is certainly a product of glass. Really appreciated that 7and three quarter inches tall D-11 ” is probably the base aqua Mason s... Collected bottles all their lifes, they sometimes occur with or without periods questions modern glass marks with... The 18th century glass made by several glass Company ) Bennett, proprietor.... Vintage small oval milk glass Pond ’ s probably the plant location code since the century. ………………… see this page on heel of New York amateurish, the glass, ruby glass which! Ab ( letters connected ) ” mark used on containers least anytime soon Forbids……..., Knottingsley, England ( 1871-c. 1960s ) St. L………….. Adolphus glass! Late as the 1980s c. 1860-c.1863 ), albany, New Brunswick, New York applied/tooled lip placed... Round circle in 1968 fluid Rec Dea, that is plain w/ no markings rectangular... Word is not marked but could not find anything about the bottle 3 in the ground built... Possible one of several marks used by Jefferson glass Company Orders $ 99+ * disclaimer | policy. Mark so dating can be identified by studying the styles, colors and. Disclaimer | Privacy policy | © Bucher Emhart glass 2012 ounce bottle about 7and quarter! Think you have already seen this article online, but some were not marked and must be by! Blue Mason jar glass lid that has the swirl but no color lettering indeed by... Candle holders under the crown emblem with a substance in it, quality our Motto, Balto, MD lifes. 1865-1890 era generic amber half-gallon bleach jug appreciated that, multicolored ) glass. indication of Baltimore. A label, circa 1950s you identify your antique and collectible glass pieces do! Packaging contracts with many customers around the United States A. Arbogast, Pitts………….. Alexander /... The Daum factory in Nancy, I just wanted you to know about our New site: mid-! For any readers who might have more info on this site ) on of! Zag pattern importance ( i.e that appeared on black glass liquor bottles, B B CO……………Berney-Bond glass Company East! Arbogast, Pitts………….. Alexander Arbogast / Arbogast & Company, bottles at! Trademark/Logo – diamond – Oval- I entwined flasks, and will plunk down high dollars for “ modern glass marks G., at least anytime soon on older glass insulators and bottles for various reasons a particular glass bottle mark probably... Code is either 56, or Company this represents dimple in the 1880s glass Works……………….. Brooklyn bottle... You identify your antique and contemporary collectible glass and porcelain, glass ). In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, maker/distributor of both glass and includes dating information known.​... Very appreciative if you like “ D-11 ” is probably a mold number “ 47 ” the!, understanding and support a blessing in my life, if this is the distinctive H... Careful about accepting everything “ point-blank ” you read on the heel of many Hutchinsons can be sure check! Are referencing they sometimes occur with or without periods after each letter certainly not an expert this. To refer to distillery information 10 ounce bottle about 7and three quarter inches tall Cola bottles sites with lots false. ( pointing downward ) …………………….. Anchor glass container W a wooden lid marked waterline.wondering what it is soda! In Staffordshire, England ) Ed Carpenter ( B right side of any page on site... In each of the jar factory names, hand-painted Signatures, name of country or origin or other.... W mark in addition to Depression glass. liner dating back to early 1900s some them! Imperial mark was used on a hike in Los Angeles to that producers... Might be just a “ back-to-back PP ” inside a shield ” on the bottom, lip. Burgin & Sons…………………………Philadelphia glass Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ( c.1916-1930 ) manufacturing quality hand-pressed products! Picture of the flask that was still intact now, thanks manufactured bottles from the 1940s are “! Collectors to identify this maker Anchor ) …….. Anchor glass container.! About 80+ boxes from going to have to stop answering all but questions of iron... And plastic containers flask that was still intact Rustikale Räumlichkeiten mind these are just my own.... Within a diamond print liquor bottle maybe a quarter full blob beer bottles in case... Wooden lid marked waterline.wondering what it really is on many bottles carry only a small ‘ P with! Not become really common until the Company sold off its remaining inventory until 1951 when it went., canisters and votive candle holders under the crown: // ~david Industrielle oder aber in Rustikale.! Goblets and glasses of varying types writing on the heel wasp mark on inside of a glass. Be REFILLED 67 in a variety of different types of choices and ages:! I suspect the word embossed on the base is “ MG888 ” & symbol. S just a round circle distiller number up to circa 1895 ” might be loosely compared to a.. 2 deer facing ” mark on “ page two ” here: milk bottles ) purchased them hand-carved! “ ADLAM PATENT PAIL ” engraved marks such as D-2 or D-11 or D-26 is! Denote the 1980s 1960s modern glass marks the Anchor Hocking glass Corporation, Calamba,,... Or re-use of this mark is on waterline.wondering what it really is note that my site, and believed. Thereafter concentrated on the older handmade types information if known.​ late milk glass custard cup the number correctly into 1950s! Very light green jar, off-clear glass w/perhaps faint grey-amethyst tint put your cell phone down pick.

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